The King of Padel

Was invented in the mid-1960s in the United States as a playground game for children.

It is a sport in which two or four players hit a ball over a net, seeking to score points and win sets.

For this, solid wooden blades or light materials such as composite are used, and a solid, hollow plastic ball with holes.

The King of Padel
What is it?

This sport shares many characteristics and rules with other racket sports: the dimensions and layout of a badminton court, a net, and playing and scoring rules very similar to those of tennis, with different modifications.

This sport combines different elements of several well-known sports such as tennis, paddle tennis, badminton and table tennis.

The King of Padel
Joel Pritchard

The game began during the summer of 1965 on Bainbridge Island, Washington, at the home of Joel Pritchard. He and two of his friends, Bill Bell and Barney McCallum. They tried to organize a badminton match, but no one could find the shuttlecock.

So they improvised with a wiffle ball, lowered the badminton net, and made paddles out of plywood from a nearby shed; that's how it was born Pickleball.


The King of Padel

1] A set is normally played to eleven points and one team must win by two points difference.

2] The serve must be hit underhand and each team must play its first shot after it has bounced.

3] After the ball has bounced once on each side, then both teams can volley the ball or play it without bouncing (double bounce rule)

4] Volleying is not allowed inside the no-volley zone (when volleying the ball, the player cannot step on the line.)

The King of Padel

5] It is considered a foul if after the impulse to hit the ball the player touches the non-volley zone.

6] Points are lost by not returning the ball within the boundaries of the opponent's court before the second bounce, entering the no-volley zone and volleying the ball, by violating the double bounce rule.

7] The hand is considered an extension of the paddle.
8] The player loses the point if the ball hits any other part of his body or clothing.

9] At the beginning of the serve, both feet must be behind the service line.

The King of Padel

10] The serve is performed diagonally and must exceed the non-volley zone.

11] Only one service attempt is allowed, except in the case of a let (the ball hits the net on the serve and lands in the service box).

12] At the beginning of each new set, only one player on the first serving team is allowed to serve and miss before handing the ball to the opponents.

13] When the serving team wins a point, the server moves to the other side of the court from the serving team.

The Volley

It is the blow given to the ball before it hits the ground. A volley shot is not allowed in the non-volley zone.

This rule creates longer plays by preventing players from shooting from that area. When a volley is taken, the player may not step on or be inside the no-volley zone line. If I did it would be a mistake.

The King of Padel

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