The King of Padel


We are the New Indoor Complex in San Diego California.
In The King of Padel you will find 6 Padel courts specially designed to give you the best experience and 6 Pickleball courts also designed to provide you with the best facilities.

Our new Indoor Padel & Pickleball concept, give you a new and better experience because you can play regardless of the weather conditions.

In our facilities you can find, in addition to the courts, a coffee and snack station and we also have a Yoga and Massage area.

And of course our Sports Equipment and Accessories Store so you can look and play like a professional. Which we have created for you in collaboration with our friends at

Welcome to The King of Padel

We have created the first indoor courts complex in California.
Created by Mexican entrepreneurs passionate about Padel our projection is to be the best indoor sports complex in San Diego and expand our project to the main cities of California and Texas.

* Players Development
* Professional Trainers
* Seedhead of Talents

The King of Padel

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"Indoor Padel"

Without a doubt, the great advantage of indoor paddle tennis is that regardless of the weather or meteorological conditions, you can practice it on our fully covered and fully equipped courts.

The Advantages of Paddle
under roof.

Beyond the temperature - which is an aspect that can also influence, as long as there is wind or rain our playing style will not change. This will allow us to gain much more confidence on the court, especially when making decisions, since the behavior of the ball on indoor courts is much more regular and predictable.

They allow you to practice Padel regardless of the weather conditions, a different experience that is sure to come with top-notch facilities.

The King of Padel
Yoga Instructor
+ Sound Healer

Vinyasa Yoga allows us to improve the flexibility of muscles and joints, strengthen and tone them. It makes our bones stronger and eliminates common breathing problems such as asthma thanks to the concrete work we do.

The King of Padel
Come try our delicious coffee, teas and food.

A friendly environment for all levels. We have a Cafeteria area with Wi-Fi service, so you can relax and enjoy snacks and healthy foods accompanied by a delicious coffee.

The King of Padel
(Best brands & quality)

Everything you need in Sports Clothing & Accessories that will make you look like a professional will be found in our store which we have created in collaboration with

The King of Padel

The King of Padel
4370 Jutland Dr,
San Diego, CA 92117,
United States.

The King of Padel
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